Mediterranean Cocktail Challenge 2019

“Your Greek Cocktail” – Get inspired by Mediterranean aromas, flavors and ingredients and create the ultimate Greek Cocktail with Skinos!

How to Enter the Competition

To participate in the competition, candidates must fill out the online application form by 10/6/19. The application form can be found on Participants are required to enter all their contact information and original recipe.

If the submitted recipe adheres to the competition regulations (as described below), the recipes will be accepted to move to the Preselection phase. The twelve (12) selected finalists with the highest scores from the preselection phase will compete in the Local Final Competition where the local winner of the Mediterranean Cocktail Challenge 2019 will emerge.
Preselection  Phase MCC 2019

In the Preliminary phase, each submitted recipe will be reviewed by the local and global Skinos Brand ambassador. The 12 finalists will be decided on criteria of the score categories mentioned below.

Local Final Competition MCC 2019

During the Final Competition, finalists will be required to make four (4) of their Signature Cocktail within a six (6) minute time limit.

The score will be comprised by:
1. 45% (45 points) for the cocktails
2. 20% (20 points) for his/her creativity of the recipe
3. 35% (35 points) for technical skills in execution of cocktail

You can see the details of the point system on the table below


  1. Participants must be 18 years or older at the time of filling out the application for the competition. Each competitor can submit ONLY one (1) recipe and it must be written out in measures of ml (50ml, 25ml, etc.)
  2. Every competitor will have six (6) minutes to prepare & present their Signature Cocktail during the Final Contest. If they exceed the six (6) minutes, their score will be penalized according to the Penalty Chart below.
  3. Every competitor will be allowed ten (10) minutes in the preparation area before going "on stage" for their presentation and an additional five (5) minutes to setup & prepare their “on stage” station for their presentation. 
  4. The Signature Cocktail must contain at least 30ml Skinos Mastiha Spirit and additionally up to six (6) more ingredients for a total of seven (7) ingredients. Ingredients such as drops, dashes, twists, sprays (spray vapor, sprinkle), dusts or other ingredients within the cocktail are counted as one (1) ingredient.
  5. Homemade products/ingredients are allowed and count as one (1) ingredient, but you must have them available for the judges to taste and approve before your presentation. You must include the recipe for any/all homemade products/ingredients in your application form for the MCC 2019 contest.
  6. The competitor must bring all of the ingredients & fruit that they require for their Signature Cocktail during the Final Contest. They do not need to bring with them Skinos Mastiha Spirit - that will already be available.
  7. The participants can bring and use their own glassware & tools.
  8. The organizing company retains the right to, at any time, modify the terms, conditions & rules of the contest or even completely cancel the contest should sufficient reasons apply. Such announcement(s), if any, will be made on the website . For any issues beyond those covered in the Terms & Rules of the Contest, the organizing company is responsible to make a decision upon and that decision will be final
  9. Tie-Breaker: In the event two or more competitors score the same total points in a competition, the highest score for the sum of points in the categories FLAVOUR, AROMA & APPEARANCE will be used to determine the final winner. In the event two or more competitors score the same points in the Tie-Breaker, the highest score for the sum of points in the categories CREATIVITY & TECHNICAL KNOWLEDGE will be used to determine the final winner. If the competitors also scored the same points in the categories CREATIVITY & TECHNICAL KNOWLEDGE, then the judges will be responsible to determine the final winner.

Scores & Points

The competitors final score will be calculated from the sum of their performance in the individual categories as detailed in the following table and the subtraction of Penalty Points (see analysis for penalties below).

Local Final Competition Scoring Chart

Explanation for Score Categories

In this category the bartenders are given points based how authentic the combination of ingredients is. Whether such a combination is truly original (new) or whether it is just another variation.

Mediterranean Ingredients
The theme of the competition is the countries of the Mediterranean Sea, so we are looking for ingredients and combinations from those counties and of course they have to make sense.

The name of the cocktail is one of the most important reasons that will make it pass the test of time. We are looking for smart and original names.

In this category, points will be given based on the overall look/appearance of the cocktail such as garnish, glassware, accompanying items and/or special serving methods. It is very important and will weigh in favor of the score if they are close to the Mediterranean "character" of the contest.

Aroma (scent)
In this category, points will be given for the aroma (scent) of the cocktail. It is very important and will weigh in favor of the score if they are close to the Mediterranean "character" of the contest

In this category, points will be given based the balance of the ingredients within the cocktail and how distinguishable (can be identified) the ingredients in the cocktail are. If seven (7) different ingredients have been used, all seven (7) ingredients should be identifiable by taste or smell. It is very important and will weigh in favor of the score if they are close to the Mediterranean "character" of the contest.

Technical Skills
In this category, contestants will be judged on confidence and correct use of tools, confidence and correct execution of mixing methods during his/her presentation.

In this category, the judges will award points to the contestants for the overall impression of the presentation that was made while preparing the cocktails based on how meaningful and relevant to the recipe it was, if it was consistent and with an uninterrupted flow. Overall, how well prepared the contestant was.


In this category we are looking for all the verbal communication that the bartenders is using during his presentation. Try to “sell” your cocktail the way you do it behind your bar.

Penalty Points

Penalty Points will be subtracted from the score for exceeding the six (6) minute time limit to prepare the cocktails

Final Time

Penalty Points by each judge
(2 judges)









8:31 and over

Disqualification from the Competition

Days Remaining: 0