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Made from the very essence of Greek summer, Skinos Mastiha Spirit is the authentic premium Greek spirit crafted from the Mastiha Tree.

The following Terms and Conditions of Use apply and describe the use of www.myskinos.com, concerning all users and customers as well as all means of transmission (computer, mobile phone, tablet or any other platform) and in any form of projection of its content. Access to and use of the Site is subject to these terms and conditions of use (“Terms of Use”).

The Site is intended for use  by users/visitors that are of legal age to consume and buy alcohol, depending their present  country stay status and its legal system. If your current age, does not apply to the rules and the legal system of the country from which you access this website, concerning alcohol purchasing and consuming, please refrain from using this Site and do not provide us with any personal information.

www.myskinos.com (hereinafter “the company”, “us”, “we”, “the website”) is an online website focusing on promoting the “Skinos Mastiha Spirit”. It consists the portal of communication of consumers with the company. The information that is included, can promote the company’s spirits, information, its advertising services as well as maintains the possibility of promoting entertainment events, locations and many other unique opportunities to our customers. The company reserves all rights to operate through a website, a mobile application or any other suitable means of its approval.

Skinos Mastiha Spirit and the domain name “www.myskinos.com”, are owned by the SA company under the name of ” Concepts Trading and Marketing Company”, which is located in 16, Mesologiou street, Piraeus, Greece, TIN. 099899595, tel. 210-4100011, e-mail: office@myskinos.com, as it is legally represented.

The use of the website, as well as all rights and obligations related to it, is described on the following Terms and Conditions, as well as in their integral provisions, and apply to all of its content and its individual web-pages.

Every person who visits, browses and uses in any way the website of the company as well as any services available for use through it, is automatically assumed to have received full knowledge and agrees to be under the ruling of the terms and conditions set out herein. Our Company takes all necessary technical and organizational measures to ensure that all user data is completely secure and access to them is limited and in accordance with Greek and EU Law.

All Representatives of the Data Controller, acting as user data Processors are regulated and bound by 1. the context of the Regulation (EU) 2016/679 Of The European Parliament And Of The Council of 27 April 2016 on the protection of natural persons with regard to the processing of personal data and on the free movement of such data, and repealing Directive 95/46/EC (General Data Protection Regulation, hereinafter “REGULATION”) as well as 2. from their agreement and personal contract with us, as is furtherly approved by the consent, provided by the users. The Use and Access of users in the website consists an automatic agreement and acceptance of all the terms and conditions mentioned below (hereinafter “Terms”). Therefore, it is recommended that all visitors/users of the company’s website and services, read and make certain that they fully understand the Terms of Use. In case a visitor/user does not agree with the mentioned Terms of Use, he must, at his own risk, abstain from using the website of the Company and generally refrain from any use of services and content provided by the Company.

Ensuring www.myskinos.com user data privacy is our main priority and with the apply of the present Terms of Use-Privacy Policy, use and management of the personal data provided by the visitors/users is explained, according to Greek Law No. 2472/1997 (“Protection of the Individual from the Processing of Personal Data”) and its amendments, as well as the Regulation.

In order for www.myskinos.com to run effortlessly and the provided services to have the best performance, we kindly request that our website’s visitor/user accepts the Use of Cookies, as it is described in these Terms and is being implemented automatically by visiting/browsing the website.

The mentioned Terms and Conditions of Use of the Company’s website, and their possible amendments and modifications, are subjected by Greek and European legislation as well as the relevant International Treaties. In case of a conflict occurring by the modification of the abovementioned legal frameworks, the Terms and Conditions of Use that are affected will be amended accordingly, while the entire content of the Terms/Conditions will remain as it is.

The company reserves completely and in any possible case the right to unilaterally moderate its Terms and Conditions of Use, without the obligation to inform users/visitors in advance. The Company is obliged to provide information related to each moderation of the Terms and Conditions of Use, through the update of the current version of the Terms οf Use. Visitors/users who keep using the Company’s services, are automatically considered to agree to the updated Terms and Conditions of Use provided by the company. Subsequently, it is highly recommended that all users/visitors of the Company’s services and content, visit, read and check, on a regular basis, if they agree to the Terms of Use, in order to be completely aware of their behavior and proceed to the process they desire.


All information and room pictures, as they are projected and displayed on the website of www.myskinos.com are as accurate as possible. However, if the information and photos presented on the website do not correspond to reality and are inaccurate, incomplete or not renewed and up-to-date, this is considered to be a mistake or due to force majeure or interrupted operation of the website, the company bears no responsibility.



Completely respecting the users/visitors/customers of myskinos.com, all the necessary legal information concerning the professional identity of the company is provided, as is the information concerning the offered products/services that are displayed on the website, certifying that it is complete, true, valid and up to date. The Company holds the right to possess reservations concerning accidental technical or typographical errors that are impossible to predict or may arise unintentionally or due to technical weaknesses or due to a malfunction of the website or due to force majeure. The complete and continuous updating of the visitors/users/customers of myskinos.com, is our priority and for this reason all the necessary actions are taken in order to immediately and completely inform them, regarding the accuracy in the promotion of the company’s spirits. However, the relevant online updates of the website’s information may appear on the website within one (1) day of their modification.


User/Visitor access to the web environment of www.myskinos.com, offers the possibility to create a personal, non-transferable, member account. To complete the creation of a personal member account on the company’s website, the user will need to register a username and a Personal Secret Security Code (password) which he will personally select and will only be known by himself. The username and password will only be used by the user/member to log in the services of www.myskinos.com and will allow him/her to access all the personal data he has uploaded to our system, such as his personal e-mail address or previous order details. The Personal Secret Security Code may be altered as frequently as the member wishes, with no limitation, but in order for the password to change, the member has to make an official request to our company. Exclusive access is given to the user/member that has all the personal information needed to log in to the user’s personal account (profile-user account) page and for this reason the member becomes solely responsible for the actions taken in each log in period, for alterations in account details and data, as well as for every other action performed through its use. In case of concern about the security state of the member’s personal account, for example in case of forgetfulness of the password, unauthorized and unrecognisable account use or in any other case of concern about the security of the account, we highly recommend the user/member to immediately inform the team of myskinos.com, in order to carry out all the necessary security background check and prevent any possible breach of security.

It is, therefore, clearly and completely stated that the user/member of the company’s website retains sole responsibility for the use and access of his account, as are logging-in and logging-out. In the unfortunate event that due to the user’s negligence to respect and follow this Regulation, and in case of any damage or loss that occurs to the member’s account and personal information, the website and the company bear no responsibility at all.


To create a member account in the company’s website, the user/visitor must meet certain conditions. More specifically, every new registered member of the services of www.myskinos.com, has to make certain that all the required information and details concerning his registration and access to the products and services of the website a) are correctly registered and written, they are true, valid, complete and up to date and that the member will keep them in this state for the whole usage period, in the present and in the future, as well as b) clearly provide consent to the collection and processing of personal data under the Terms and Conditions, as well as and the Privacy Policy listed herein. Therefore, the user/member is considered as subject under the Terms and Conditions of the website and clearly states that he/she has studied, understood, fully comprehended and accepts them, expressly and unreservedly.

Nevertheless, even though registration of users/visitors as new members of www.myskinos.com is absolutely advisable and recommended for the best browsing experience of the user in the environment of the website, is not necessary to complete a purchase of the desirable product. We have made certain that the user/member registration process is completed quickly, with a simple membership creation process so that the user/member registers his personal data effortlessly and his/her visit becomes as pleasant as possible.

The membership account creation process, as well as the preservation of an official membership account and the website connection of each user/visitor on the website is free of charge and consists sole property of the individual member it refers to, with no possibility of transfer or assignment to another user/visitor. Our website, only stores the personal information/data provided by the user himself/herself, reassuring that no changes should be made without his/her given permission. The mentioned personal data are collected and maintained exclusively for the purpose of a) the creation of the member’s user account through which we provide the possibility to facilitate the completion of orders, to monitor the progress details of an order, to examine the previous orders completed by the company etc, and b) to maintain informing the users about special offers and promotions related to our products and services, as well as to send informative advertising and promotional material related to our actions and our collaborations with Third Parties (newsletter). Finally, c) all the user/member information that are necessary with the creation of an account, are used to assist the communication of the company with our visitors/clients, the best functionality of our website and the transactions with users/members, i.e. for communication, registration, completion, shipping, delivery, payment and generally for every safe economic activity.

In order to facilitate the membership account registration process, in our website we have created a modern technologically advanced registration platform, so to ensure that the registration process can be done in the fastest and most reliable way. To create a member account, it is necessary to provide us with the following personal data which will be available for processing by the company.

NATURAL PERSONS: The personal data that is considered necessary for the registration of a natural person as a member of the company’s website, are the name and surname of the person, his residential address, the postal code of the mentioned address, personal contact telephone number and an email address, in order to be able to thoroughly inform and communicate with him.

LEGAL PERSONS: In order to create a member account of a legal entity/person, it is necessary to provide us with its full brand name, headquarters legal address, the postal code of the mentioned address, an official email address, its TIN and TAX office, as well as the full name of the Communications Officer.

Upon completing the registration process of the visitor/user’s necessary personal data the membership process is completed and the new Member account is created at www.myskinos.com.


The company owns the right to create and offer various promotional advertisements, activities, events etc.. In case our visitors/users want to be a part of our community and participate in the company’s activities, they only must register their personal information on our registration platform or communicate with us via email us. The information needed to participate in any promotional activity is the person’s name, surname, email and age. Accordingly, there will be an automatic informative response about the various promotional activities of the company, or a designated associate of our company will communicate with them and inform them furtherly about the different possibilities.


Use of the company’s website as well as the provision of other possible services are not associated with the subscription to our Newsletter. The visitor/user’s subscription to the Company’s newsletter is performed upon user’s initiative and is placed with a simple provision of the user’s e-mail address, in the specially designed field that appears on the website www.myskinos.com. By entering the user’s email address and completing the registration process on the website, the visitor/user/member agrees to receive in his/her e-mail address our informative, advertising, promotional or non-promotional material related to our products, services and possible alterations applied to our Regulation and Terms, as well as any other necessary information that has to be sent to him by the company. We try and make every effort is made with the ISPs (Internet Service Providers) to deliver our Newsletter to the email addresses provided by the registered users/members, but there is always the unfortunate chance that they may end up being delivered as unwanted/junk email. When you receive a message from our email address, please register and save the message address of our message in your secure contact list.


The use of the services of www.myskinos.com and the completion of the registration of orders in it, by minors is completely prohibited. Access is allowed only after the necessary prior parental consent. The company bears no responsibility if underage users, on their own initiative, browse the company’s website or apply for membership after entering false information, as well as in any other case, such as the registration and completion of a product/service order and purchase. As soon as the browsing of a minor or the false entry of personal data of a minor on the company’s website is noticed, our data processor will immediately delete all the registered data from the files stored by the company.


The company is committed to always provide users/visitors of its website www.myskinos.com with information that is true, accurate and complete, and that the information displayed on it is directly related to the identity, function and services of the website. The company is not responsible for any temporary unavailability, malfunction or technical issues that may arise while browsing the company’s website. In addition, in case of electronic data entries that are uploaded by mistake, the company reserves the right to correct them.

The company bears the responsibility of always managing the quality of information and services provided and uploaded on its website. Nevertheless, the company is not solely responsible for the protection of the website’s users/visitors from any kind of errors and malware that interfere with the customer’s browsing experience and occur due to third party interference. In addition, the company cannot be considered as liable in terms of  civil or criminal law, for any direct, specific or consequential damages, that are indicative and not restrictive, divisive and/or cumulative, resulting in loss of profits, data, monetary compensation etc., being a result  either of visiting/copying/downloading/browsing the website and using the services or information contained therein, or by any  general alteration of the content of the website  by any other unauthorized third party interventions occurring in website files and information that are being distributed through the website. Furthermore, when users/visitors of the website are browsing the Internet, i.e. when browsing through the company’s website, they must take all necessary security measures against risks faced in ordinary Internet use (e.g. protect their browsing with an anti-virus software).

The website’s users/visitors should at all times follow and respect the content of the rules and regulations set by Greek, European and International Law, as well as any other current or future legislation related to the use of websites/applications. More specifically, all users should abstain from any illegal or abusive activity when using the company’s website and/or websites that are connected or in relation to it.


The terms myskinos.com, www.myskinos.com, Skinos Mastiha Spirit and other myskinos.com trademarks and services marks, and all related names, logos, product and service names, designs and slogans, are trademarks of myskinos.com, of the company’s or its affiliates or licensors. You may not use such marks without the prior written permission of myskinos.com. All other names, logos, product and service names, designs and slogans on the Site are the trademarks of their respective owners.

All data displayed on this website, i.e. the website’s content (images, photos, documents, services, programs, information, data, etc.) as well as all services provided by the website to users, is subject to company’s copyright and belongs to the sphere of rights belonging to the company and are protected by Greek, European and International Law concerning intellectual and industrial property and unfair competition, as well as any other relevant legislation that applies to the company’s rights. Furthermore, the above-mentioned data belong exclusively to the company or to their intellectual creator.

Αny kind of copying, transfer, processing, resale, reproduction by any means or production of new data/items based on the content of this website as well as deception of the public regarding the real provider of the above-mentioned data and services is strictly prohibited. Design of special names, images, logos, distinctive features as well as the use of any other type that is a product of the data and services produced and utilized to serve and promote the operation of the website are considered as company’s assets. Showing or displaying company’s data and services to third parties is not and should not be considered as a transfer or assignment of their license or universal right of use, as they are protected by trademark legislation. The above-mentioned activities (individually or as a whole) may be permitted only with the written consent (permission) of the company.


Using this website and the services provided in it by the company, users/visitors owe, agree and commit to perform any activity related to the website and services provided by the company, based on the rules applied by Greek, European and International Law, good faith and the principles of transactional ethics. Illegal use of the content and services of www.myskinos.com, that is intended to deliver, publish, promote or transmit via e-mail, or in any other way, content that is illegal and offensive, bears harmful consequences for its recipients, it is considered a threat, annoyance, slander or defamation against the company and its spirits or any other third party (company, organization or person), incorporates racist content and in any other way it may violate the rules on confidential information of any person, is absolutely prohibited. Subsequently, any activity/use that may have harmful consequences to minors in any way is completely prohibited. Users are also expressly prohibited to use e-mail or any other means to send, publish, promote or transmit content, or commit any other content violation, that is subjected to the provisions of the law relating to patents, trademarks, trade secret, copyright or other proprietary rights of every kind. Otherwise and in the further alternative, transmission and transfer of data that violates the rules required by applicable Greek, European and International law and its provisions, or transmission and transfer of data that may harass third parties in any way and ultimately any content or content used to store users’ personal data as well as any other rights belonging to the exclusive authority of any third party, is prohibited.


With this regulation, describing the Terms and Conditions of Use of the website www.myskinos.com, the visitor/user is provided with a limited right to access, use and see the content and services of the company. This right allows the user to use it freely for personal purposes in respect to this Regulation as well as the applicable Greek, European and International law. To be more specific, the limited right of access (permission), use and presentation of the content of www.myskinos.com is a non-transferable, personal and non-exclusive limited right, which in no case can be considered as a transfer/donation of data and titles belonging to the website and/or the company. Www.myskinos.com and the company, retain all rights arising from copyright and Industrial Property Law, rights that in no case are granted to the user/visitor, unless there exists a different agreement between the user/visitor and the company. All data and information that exist/are presented on this website as well as from the company’s services are under company control. More specifically, under no circumstance is permitted (a) the separate use or representation of the software’s capabilities, (b) the publication, copy, lease, rent or lend of the software, (c) the transfer of software (unless permitted by this Agreement) , (d) the oversight of any technical or software limitations, (e) the decompression, reconstruction of the source code or reconstruction of the object code or effort in this direction as well as (f) any other modification of the data and information of the website. At all times, users are obliged to keep any information or copy provided/presented to them by the company and the company’s website in the form in which it is provided and to respect any information related to the intellectual and property rights of the company. Finally, it is expressly prohibited to perform any act intended to benefit from the company’s data, content and services, using it for any public or commercial purpose that is contrary of the use agreed with the Company.



Our company’s main target is to offer the best possible service environment to our website’s users/visitors/customers through a unique personalized experience. In order to create a friendly and easy-to-use website, we need to make sure that we provide and maintain our website and services at the best level suitable to our customer’s needs. In order to achieve the expected results and to provide the visitor with the high-level personalized experience that the he/she deserves, it is necessary to gather and store some of his/her basic information/data. When someone uses our services, he/she must grand us access to some basic information/data that is directly related to our services offer. We understand the size of responsibility and we work hard to protect client’s data and information and make sure that the client maintains constant and complete control over his/her data whereabouts and use.

With the application of this Data Protection-Privacy Policy, as well as the Terms and Conditions of Use of the website www.myskinos.com, we aim to secure, respect and protect the user/visitor’s personal privacy. It is our duty to briefly inform the user/visitor about the personal data and information we collect, how we operate using his/her data, as well as provide useful and necessary information concerning processes the user/visitor can utilize if at some point in the future he/she does not wish us to further collect or process the information and data he/she provides during his/her visit/use of our website and services. This Privacy Policy only applies to users/visitors’ personal data and information that has been provided to this website by themselves.


During a visit to the company’s website, the user/visitor may be asked to provide some data related to him/her. Personal data/information is defined as all the data and information that constitute the identification of the user/visitor. The information we collect concerns the user/visitor’s activity on our website, which we use for operations such as improving the face and structure of the services we provide. This identification process can be completed Directly or Indirectly.

A Direct Identification can be completed voluntarily, directly by the user/visitor with information provided to us by himself/herself through the membership subscription process to our company’s website. This information we collect may include data and personal details such as the user/visitor’s name, a street address, an email address and the person’s phone number. We gather the above-mentioned information in order to provide high quality communication services to our users/visitors. Use of the Direct Identification information provides the possibility to organize and design an excellent, completely personalized communication plan between our users and the Company, the offer of personalized answers to all the possible questions asked and the optimal service supply possible.

An Indirect Identification of the user can be achieved through information that is related to the above-mentioned data, such as the connected device unique identification number, the user’s IP, the browser used, the operating system of the user/visitor’s device, the exact date and time of each call made to our servers, the client’s referrer website, as well as other similarly found information. The above-mentioned information cannot directly and completely identify the user/visitor, but it is necessary to monitor the smooth functionality and operation of our servers and system, optimize our services, and makes certain that we will be able to provide information to the authorities in the event of cyber-attacks, as we are obliged to. Furthermore, Indirect Identification of the user/visitor assists on measuring traffic of visitors on www.myskinos.com, on determining the necessities and desires of the users, as well as on the general optimization of the transactions made with the company.

The Company and our website www.myskinos.com are committed to constantly take all technical measures necessary to ensure the highest protection of the user’s personal data during their transmission, management and storage, but internet environment is so multifactorial that no-one can guarantee absolute online protection. We assure our users that every necessary organizational and technical measures are utilized to ensure the security and protection of the user’s Data and Information, from any form of unwanted or unlawful processing. Only employees and associates authorized by the company have access to the user’s personal data, exclusively for the specific above-mentioned purposes.


To provide basic use of www.myskinos.com, we do not need to accurately and completely identify our users/visitors. Identification and collection of personal data of users only begins after user/visitor’s own initiative, for example when they want a) to communicate with us, b) to create a member’s account on the Company’s website, c) to make use of our services, d) to participate in promotional activities, sales programs and contests, e) to send us e-mails and provide us with important information, and f) to subscribe to our promotions and newsletters. User/Visitor’s data registration concerning the above-mentioned processes, begins after the user’s consent and agreement to the collection, use and transmission of his/her personal data, based on the Terms of this Data Protection-Privacy Policy, which is only provided after personal user/visitor confirmation, based on the present agreement as well as the context implemented by the provisions of Greek Law 2472/1997, as amended by Greek Law 3471/2006 which is active today. More specifically, the Company owns the right to collect and store user’s data in a secure private file and only process the personal data of users/visitors collected with the above-mentioned means, with the aim to provide a completely safe and personalized experience to the user/visitor as it concerns the available technology applications, to ameliorate customer service, to support and strengthen the transaction relationship between the user and the company, to collect data for statistical or historical reasons, as well as to generally promote the interests and services provided by www.myskinos.com only after the user’s consent.

All of the above-mentioned Personal Data are stored in our company’s file storage unit, under our guaranteed protection and we utilize them in accordance with this Privacy Policy Regulation. In any case, the user/visitor/customer reserves the right to unsubscribe at any time from his/her account without any restrictions.


The data and information provided by the user directly to the electronic platform of the company (website) can be used freely by the company to improve our services. The information collected may be product of the data registered by the user/visitor/customer himself/herself during the membership subscription process, of the data provided and collected when our customers request us to offer useful information or services by telephone or e-mail, and of the data provided by a connection to our website through a third-party provider (Ιos and android applications, Facebook, Instagram, Google). The absolutely necessary information that we use to facilitate and promote user communication with the company is the name and email address of the user/visitor. The company covers the security of users’ data and may grant access to it to third parties only with specific prior consent of the user, related to the disclosure and processing of his personal data and always in accordance with the Terms of this Privacy Policy. The Personal Data collected through the company’s website may be used to improve the services provided, that are mentioned thoroughly in this Privacy Policy, as well as in all services related to the company’s function.

In general and in addition to the above-mentioned cases, in certain occasions and always under the conditions obliged by Law or court decision, it is possible to collect, maintain, use and provide user/visitor/customer personal data, that have been collected by visiting/browsing www.myskinos.com without the user’s his prior consent.


The Terms and Conditions of Use that frame the operation of www.myskinos.com, regulate completely the company’s right to use the user/visitor’s personal data. The information provided and collected can be used to optimize the offering of specific services to users, in accordance with the provisions of this Privacy Policy, unless a different type of use has been authorized by user/visitor/customer. Under no circumstance do we collect or use data that is not absolutely necessary for the amelioration of the website’s functionality, the optimization of the user experience, the creation of new services and for any other process that aims to improve our usage/visit/browsing environment. In case of modification/change concerning future utilization of Personal Data, for which we already have user consent, we will notify our users/visitors/members/clients in advance through an update of this Regulation, in order to certify a license renewal.

All User Personal Data and Information is stored on secure servers (protected by powerful passwords and firewalls).


Data and information provided to us when users/visitors contact www.myskinos.com,  are stored and secured for future use, as mentioned above. Sending an e-mail to our Company, as well as any other means of communication the user chooses, is considered as a consent to the use of his/her data, and permission to register him/her on the company’s Newsletter. Consequently, users allow us to send emails to promote the operation and services of the company that may be of his/her interest. Users will also be given the right to choose the type and frequency of notification/communication they wish to receive from us, based the instructions written in detail on the email they will receive. Users always reserve the right to unsubscribe from this service. In addition, in the event of possible future use of user data/information for specific company advertising promotions, the data/information will be used only after user prior expressed consent.


Data and information provided by users/visitors of www.myskinos.com, may be used if it is legally obligative or if it concerns compliance with to a court decision, as well as for any other legal obligation arising from Greek, European and/or International law or by order issued by the prosecutor’s office, in accordance with the respective legal proceedings. In addition, users allow us to use their information to assist detecting or investigating a crime committed against interests of the company, as well as any fraud, loss or misuse of our systems and services, to protect both the interests of the company and the interests of our users/visitors. This Privacy Policy Regulation retains its validity in all means of promotion/projection of the company (website/mobile application etc.) and especially through browsing www.myskinos.com.

In case of referral/redirection of the users out of the website, to third-party websites through links existing/promoted on www.myskinos.com (e.g. links, hyperlinks, banners), the company is not responsible. After user referral/redirection, Personal Data/information is under the ruling/concern of said third-party initiatives/regulation, describing their own user privacy policy and data management.


Cookies are small data files that are being used as an industrial template and are essential for the smooth functionality of most websites. They are mainly used to collect statistic data, to facilitate access, visit and stay of a user on a specific website, as well as facilitate the best user experience.

Use of Cookies allows the website to provide high-tech personalized services, which would not be offered without it. Cookies are transferred from the website server (www.myskinos.com) to the hard disk of the computer/tablet/mobile device of the user who visits the specific website, in order to collect and store data for statistical purposes, that help the website provide a perfect personalized experience, always excluding the probability of user/visitor identification. During the next visit on the company’s website, Cookies will allow the system to recognize the browser used, saving of some of the user’s preferences as well as any other information necessary to improve the functionality of the website’s services. Cookies are essential for the better utilizing of our system and discarding them may result in difficulty and bugs in displaying and providing specific features and services.

Cookies are used to properly display advertising content that interests the user as well as the services that best suit his/her likes and needs. Cookies are not used to store user/visitor identification/authentication data and in no way may damage the operating system of the access platform.

Furthermore, cookies do not affect in any way the user’s stored/saved files, and access to read, modify or delete the stored information owns exclusively the website from which they were transferred. Nevertheless, the user/visitor has the option through his browser settings (chrome, firefox, safari, edge, etc.) to select the delete of existing cookies. In addition, the user is given the option to either choose the general option to automatically reject all cookies from all websites, or to choose to be informed each time he/she enters a website to receive a specific cookie, or, finally, choose each time whether he/she wishes to allow the download or the rejection of cookies. Cookies, therefore, are stored on the user’s computer temporarily and are only transmitted to our server when he/she visits our website.

This Cookies Use Policy is an integral part and is immediately connected to the present Privacy Policy as well as the Terms and Conditions of Use of www.myskinos.com. The company reserves the right to freely modify the Cookies Use Policy, without prior notice of the user/visitor. Every change applied to this Policy, is considered as valid from the moment of its publication on the website of the company. It is highly recommended that all users/visitors/customers regularly check and read carefully the Cookies Use Policy in order to be informed of any revisions. Therefore, every user/visitor/customer who enters and browses through the company’s website, is presumed to agree and offer his/her consent with the website’s Cookies Policy, as well as any future updates.

In www.myskinos.com we cooperate with other websites to offer our users/visitors/customers with the highest quality possible in all the domains of our services, so there is always a chance that when you use/visit the website of our company, you will notice that different websites store cookies on your computer/tablet/mobile device (e.g. youtube.com, facebook.com, twitter.com, google.com). Our company does not manage the cookies stored by third parties or other companies with which we cooperate and are displayed through our website, since these third-parties and companies own and manage their own cookies, regardless of the operation of their services on www.myskinos.com.


The cookies that we use in www.myskinos.com may be considered a) permanent, b) temporary/one-visit-use which are saved only during each individual user visit and c) both permanent and temporary.

Cookies Categories that we use are analyzed below, as the user/visitor is given the choice to select the deactivation of a cookie category, but he cannot disable the cookies that are Strictly Necessary for the running of our website.


Strictly Necessary Cookies are essential for the proper and correct running of the website, so as to be able to properly provide the services required by our users/visitors through www.myskinos.com. These cookies allow our users/visitors to browse the website undisturbed, without bugs, and use the services of the website. Due to use of these Cookies, we achieve to ensure the secure connection of the user and access to safe internet areas. Technical cookies are strictly related to the use of the website as it is necessary that they are absolutely accurate, concerning the content that the user/visitor is looking for. Strictly necessary cookies do not retain user ID information and do not lead to personal identification. Without the Strictly Necessary cookies, the smooth operation of www.myskinos.com is not possible.


Functionality cookies allow our company’s website to retain basic user choices, such as preferred language, currency, etc. and thus provide personalized services. Functionality cookies do not monitor user traffic and activity on other websites. In case of non-acceptance of the use of Cookies, the functionality of the website will be affected as we will require every time from the user to repeat registering his basic use option.


Statistics Cookies utilize information generated by visitors while using the website, such as the websites our users prefer and choose to visit, their most wanted products, the data that users are aware of as well as any website error of malfunction users may have encountered while browsing the website www.myskinos.com, in order to acquire statistical data to study and work towards the improvement of the website’s performance.


Marketing Cookies help us gather information related to the preferences and choices of each user/visitor as well as learn about the products that interest him the most. Based on this information, we can design and promote to the individual user more specialized and personalized advertising information, delivered from service providers and third parties with whom we cooperate on the advertising domain.


Social Media Cookies consist the connection between the company’s website and social networking websites. By their use, we are given the opportunity to include information from Social Media websites on the company’s website (e.g. “plugins” from Facebook, Twitter, YouTube, Instagram, Pinterest, etc.), and vice versa show company information on Social Media websites, that are of interest to social media users.

When users of the website www.myskinos.com, get referred/redirected to another website through the use of links, hyperlinks or third-party websites hosted on this website, they get transferred to the third-party’s online environment and are acting on their own initiative. Therefore, upon redirection they are considered subjects under the ruling/concern of said third-party initiatives/regulation, describing and maintaining their own user cookie policy. Our company and its website will not be held liable for any issues arising from the use and storage of cookies on the third-party websites visited by users of the website www.myskinos.com, even if they were redirected to them through a link displayed in the company’s website.

* User data collected by the use cookies is stored for 12 months from the first time they provide us with their consent, by entering and using our website or by agreeing to specific cookies use.

Data Protection Officer: Louthiros Markou, e-mail: office@myskinos.com



This website includes and displays data such as advertisements or other content on the  purpose of promoting, advertising and displaying material to the user. The company is not responsible in any way for the exact content of the material projected to the users, as well as in case anyone considers that they are mal-affected, by any illegal act or omission, inaccuracy or inability to comply with the laws and regulations of any country or the European Union in relation to the content of the ads. The company controls the content of the advertisements displayed on it and takes every possible action to maintain the content displayed through it considering equality and respect for human rights. Under no circumstance is the company responsible for the actions taken by users that were caused or may be considered to have arisen through the material displayed on it. The company is not obliged to constantly monitor and examine the legality or not of the advertising material displayed on the website (except in obvious cases where the rights of other users are violated or in cases where anyone could be offended by an objective judgment. Therefore, the company cannot be held responsible in any way. Any responsibility arising from the above-mentioned material and is related to the advertising material displayed on the website, is the responsibility of the advertisers, sponsors or creators of this promotional material, who are also responsible to the user / consumer for their products / services as well as and for the necessary guarantees, licenses, registrations with authorities / registers and markings of their products / services.


In the event of a change in management of the company, merger, restructuring, sale, bankruptcy or entry into a consolidation process and in general, in any case of transfer of company assets, the transfer of user data will be allowed to the absolutely necessary level to continue providing such services. Data-transfer will only take place upon written agreement of the receiving company, to comply with the laws concerning personal data. Also, before making any such transfer, the users / visitors of the company’s services will be informed.


It is stipulated that the company will not store data and information of individuals under the age of 16, unless provided prior consent from their legal guardian, in accordance with Greek law. In the unfortunate case the above-mentioned, underage data is stored on our website due to negligence, the company, without delay, has the obligation to immediately delete the mentioned data and avoid any similar process in the future.


The company provides its website’s users/visitors/customers with the option to freely modify, complete and delete data they have provided, after contacting www.myskinos.com. In order for this process to begin, user’s communication with the company should be preceded, which will begin the modification of the visitor’s data. Previous user identification is necessary to confirm the process and secure data retention. In this case, to modify user’s information, or to ask any question regarding the services and operation of the Company, users must contact us by email at office@myskinos.com.


Data provided by users while browsing/using the website www.myskinos.com or in any other source and are deemed necessary for the smooth function the website and its services, are maintained and protected by the company. To ensure that our client’s data is well protected and secured we adopt and install every modern technologically advanced data protection system. User data and information are protected from any process that does not respect the company’s standard operation, i.e. from any unauthorized access, interference, malicious modification, loss, theft, alteration or destruction. Our company is permitted to process the information provided to it in accordance with the General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR). As mentioned above, we provide licensed access to all the data and information of users/visitors only to our employees and our direct partners, to whom such access is mandatory and, therefore, allowed, in order to use such data to promote company’s purposes. This Regulation is reviewed and amended when necessary. In any case, the company’s actions comply with and will always be in accordance with Greek, European and International law as is applicable.


(according to the Regulation (EU) 2016/679 of the European Parliament and of the Council of 27 April 2016 on the protection of natural persons with regard to the processing of personal data and on the free movement of such data, and repealing Directive 95/46/EC (General Data Protection Regulation)

The rights of data subjects (users/visitors) of www.myskinos.com, related to the protection of personal data, are always in accordance with the EU Regulation 2016/679, are thoroughly described and apply as follows:

Right to Revoke Consent: The consent provided by the users/visitors of www.myskinos.com, can be revoked at any time.

Right of Rectification: All information and data provided by user’s /client’s initiative, are stored safely and secure. All users /clients have the right to ask us to correct any inaccurate personal data saved on our files that concerns you.

Right of Restriction: Users /clients have the right to request a restriction of the processing of their personal data and information, a) if they believe that the above-mentioned processing is illegal, b)if they do not wish us to further process their data instead of completely deleting them from our system, c) if they wish to receive a file of their documented personal data for legal purposes at a time when they are not necessary to our system and finally d)in case they have an objection considering the processing that we and our partners are practicing.

Right to Access: When we process your personal information, users/clients retain the right to request to be informed about the processing methods we submit them. Users /clients have the right to ask for an informative notice, to be completely informed about the personal data that we hold or control and our gathering methods, as well as request to receive a copy of their personal data that we store on our system. Nevertheless, the company reserves the right to charge the interested user/client for providing the copy.

Right to Data Portability: Users /clients have the right to request to receive the data they have provided us with, in readable format or ask us to transfer the file, to the extent that it is technologically feasible, to another editor who will be indicated to us by them.

Right to Erasure: Users/clients have the right to request a complete delete of their data and information from our system, considering that their information is no longer necessary to complete the aforementioned processing purposes.

Right to Object: Users/clients have the right to object to the processing of their Data and information and revoke their consent for future use. Any further utilization and processing of their data by our company or our partners, for our company’s purposes, will, therefore, be terminated, provided the fact that the processing performed is not a result of user’s/client’s consent, but it is performed on our own initiative. The right to object will not be implemented in the case where the processing of user’s data functions as part of our general legal obligation strategy, in order to defend our company’s interests and support any possible legal claims. Subsequently, users/clients can later request us to stop processing and partially delete their data from our system. We are, therefore obliged to terminate the processing, unless there exist other legitimate reasons and obligations that prevail over user’s/client’s right.

Right to file a complaint: In the case that the user/visitor of www.myskinos.com considers that the processing and of his/her personal data, collected by the company, is being performed in violation to the applicable law, he/she retains the right to file a complaint with the Data Protection Supervisory Authority of the country where he/she lives or the one responsible for the country the alleged violation occurred.

Right to Restriction: In case the user/visitor /client wishes to access some of their information and the company cannot provide such access due to legal provisions, we will notify him/her of the reason for the refusal.

Time Period: Upon user initiative, the company needs at least 30 days to process and satisfy any request. The above-mentioned period may be extended, depending on the nature of the request.

In the event that we can not locate a user/visitor/client on our system, we will not be able to treat him/her as a Data Subject, so he/she will not be able to exercise the above-mentioned legal rights, unless he/she provide us with some additional information for his/her identification. Subsequently, in case a user/visitor/client request us to abstain from any further future communication with him/her, we will store this information in order to recognize that we must refrain from such activity.

For any of the above-mentioned cases, as well as for any further update regarding the users/visitors/customers’ legal rights, our users are welcome to contact us at any time and object to the use of their e-mail address or any other information by our company, as well as object to their subscription to updates about new products and/or services (Newsletter) by sending an e-mail to our e-mail address office@myskinos.com.

In any other occasion where users/visitors/customers consider that the protection of the Personal Data they provide us with is adversely affected in any way, they will be given the opportunity to make an appeal to the Hellenic Data Protection Authority (HDPA) using the following contact details:

Postal Address: 1-3 Kifissias Avenue, P.C. 115 23, Athens
Call Center: +30 210 6475600
Fax No: +30 210 6475628
Email: contact@dpa.gr

Nevertheless, before proceeding with any method of communication with Hellenic Data Protection Authority (HDPA), please contact us by sending us an e-mail at office@myskinos.com.

Furthermore, our company, through this Regulation, and as mentioned above, reserves the right to extend, update, improve and modify this Policy. It is, therefore, highly recommended that users of www.myskinos.com, visit this website to read this Regulation on a regular basis, in order to be completely informed and updates considering any possible modifications. Users will not be notified in advance, after the renewal/modification of this Regulation, but they will be receiving updates containing any relevant information, through use of this website or by e-mail.

Common and ordinary use of myskinos.com, as well as any special consent and approve that may be occasionally requested to be provided by users when it is deemed necessary, will constitute and be considered as automatic acceptance and consent to this Privacy Policy, as well as to the Terms and Conditions of Use of the Company’s services, as announced and applicable through this website.